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Irina, Just wanted to know that Tugger has just been great since he came home, we are so happy with him. You made such a difference with him it is amazing. We are keeping up with his training and all of your suggestions. He seems to have learned his place and we couldn’t be happier. I know people don’t always stop to say thank you but we really appreciate your attention to detail and expertise, it has positively affected our entire family of which tugger is such a big part.

  • Tom and Diane Borillo
As recent graduates of Red Star’s Bootcamp program, we are compelled to share our experience. With our previous dogs, we always went to puppy socialization classes and dog obedience sessions (usually with lots of other dogs in the same class). Somehow we never got the result we wanted. Our dogs were sweet, but top-notch obedient? Ummm…no. When we got our most recent Great Dane puppy, we decided to do it right. Beginning when Winnie was 12 weeks old, we took a couple private lessons at Red Star with Mark. We observed a vast and immediate improvement in behavior (she had been nipping at our two young daughters and exhibiting dominant behavior). This ceased right away after our first session once we used Mark’s techniques. As time went on, we came to realize that Winnie had a really strong personality, and she was rather impervious to pain, so our correction techniques only went so far. We knew we needed more help if we wanted her to be a well-adjusted, well-behaved dog.

When she was 7 months old, we enrolled her in the 1-month Bootcamp program. We were mainly going on faith—we knew that Mark and Irina were fantastic with dogs and that they had given us better advice thus far than any dog trainer we had encountered. The result was exactly what we were hoping for—and even more.

Winnie is hands-down the best-trained dog we’ve ever owned. We have transferred all of Mark and Irina’s techniques to our home, and she has been so much fun. Our daughters (ages 5 and 2) have developed a much better relationship with Winnie—they no longer view the dog as a competitor. Winnie doesn’t steal their food or toys, knock them over, or play rough. Sometimes I still can’t believe the changes in her. So simple, but I’m amazed how she always comes immediately when I call her name (inside or outside). She understands that “no” means “no.” She has been a dream on walks. No pulling. She still gets excited when we pass another dog, but I know I can control her. After we initially brought Winnie home from Bootcamp, I had a couple incidents while walking her when she wasn’t responding to corrections. I got in touch with Mark at Red Star right away, and he came out to our house and did a “real-world” walk with us. Immensely helpful. After that, I’ve had no issues walking her.

We had no previous experience with electric collars. After using one under Mark and Irina’s guidance, we have only positive things to say about them. There’s no more yelling, no more negative physical corrections, etc. It’s a much more peaceful household with this e-collar.

To sum up, we had first-rate dog training with Mark and Irina, and we are grateful to them for bringing out the best in Winnie.

– Abbie and Mark Abboud
Woodbury, Minnesota

Anyone considering this facility for thier dog training is encouuraged to contact me. I brought our 6 month old Cane Corso in for 4 weeks of training. I was reccomend this training facility from our breeder in Colorado. I dropped off a vey playful, seet dog that did not listen. I picked up a new dog on Saturday! He is awesome. I can not believe the transformation, he listens well, and is very behavied. I cannot recommend them more. They are so dedicated to making the most our of the training. Feel free to get my contact information from them and calling me!

– David Wahrenbrock